Chloe Randall-Hinton

Universal Music

Freelance work completed for Universal Music/Polydor Records. Mostly including Gif animations and video editing work, working on music industry briefs is always great fun, and provides me with quite a lot of freedom to be creative and interpret artists content in interesting ways, I also love seeing my work be interacted with, and as many of these projects are for giphy channels/instagram, I get to see fans use my work, which is so exciting. 



Video Editing and Treatments

A variety of different video projects, LANY, DaBaby and Prospa. The LANY video used as paid social for their upcoming album, whilst other work was mostly editing for instagram stories, with some added cctv styling/glitches for a Prospa Instagram Live. 

(Above) animated Gifs for the 1975, used on instagram/giphy, when searched for, used as promotion for their newest album, on this project I had a lot of creative freedom, so was excited to create these glitchy acid themed animations. 


(Below) more examples of animated gifs, this time for the artist Mabel, to promote her new single. Taking lyrics from the song I went down a 2000's route with the imagery, especially with the colours chosen, the gifs fit in well with the general artwork already used for the promo, and again can be found when searching Mabel in giphy.



Using Format