Chloe Randall-Hinton

Crabtree & Evelyn

Designing for IG, with lots of video editing for reels, email design, banner ads and Web Content. Here I learnt a lot of new skills especially in branding, keeping a consistent brand tone of voice, especially applying that to formats such as TikTok where trends play a huge part in the content we produced.



(above) A design for a homepage banner. This and the below content was all part of our Evelyn Rose product range, for which I designed the visual style/theme for, creating the colour scheme, gradients and layout options. C&E had many product ranges, so keeping them all looking fresh and up to date was a regular task, whilst maintaining the brand's tone of voice. 



An example of typical video editing for TikTok/Reels, this brief was to create a video for our Beauty club which was soon to be launched. 

I used a variety of video clips, including content from our exploration trips, product shots, ingredients and lifestyle content to create a well rounded view into everything the brand consists of. 

Videos like this played are large part in our weekly content, especially when we saw the move to Reels out-performing posts and TikTok becoming very popular.



A selection of Instagram stories, Our design team worked alongside copywriters and a photographer, which helped give the story briefs direction, and opportunities for engagement which was very important from a marketing point of view, all of these stories were designed by me in collaboration with the rest of the team to ensure consistency across the brand. We had a lot of product ranges at C&E which meant that each range had its own visual language, but still had to feel like it came from the same place, so as not to be confusing to a viewer. 



(Above Left) an email design for our 'cult' range of products, that have quite a different appearance compared to other product ranges, so the visuals for this range tend to focus more on texture or ingredients, compared to lifestyle content, this range is also for our older customer base, so there is less focus on pulling in a new audience. 

(Above Right) Our instagram feed, these weeks were curated by myself, using our Valentines content, and working from a weekly brief laid out by our marketing team, with preferences on which products to feature and what engagement methods to focus on. 


Various Gifs, used on our instagram stories, representing different product ranges, ingredients, and themes of exploration. All icons were already designed and played a large part in our visual identity, so animating them was a good way of keeping the brand feeling fresh, and added fun engagement to stories as our audience could also search and use them. 

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