Chloe Randall-Hinton

Found Footage

Within this project I focused on the documentation of memories, at the start, focusing on my own memories and how they were documented, mostly on VHS Tape. This soon developed into an exploration of vernacular film i.e. Found Footage. I found watching and categorising these Home Movies an incredibly interesting process, mainly due to their element of mystery and anonymity.



I proceeded to make connections between the videos I was watching, for example the subjects and events that are filmed and what they have in common, no matter the persons background, race etc. I compiled some of the many videos analysed and produced a final film, alongside printed zines and further video experiments. 

“The screen was tiny. The images were almost abstract. Yet each luminous frame opened a successive drawer in an archive of memories”.

— Richard Fung

I am was so fascinated by the videos that I have found over my months of research that I wanted something to be created with them, a piece that could show them in their full light. I am very happy with the way this project turned out, I believe it can preserve these films, and serves as an uplifting and nostalgic outcome. 

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